Wine Tasting in Northampton

What are we?

Northampton Wine Society is a small and friendly group of enthusiasts who meet informally once a month in the Kingsley area of Northampton to learn about, taste and enjoy wine from all over the world.

What do we do and when do we do it?

Usually we hold our wine tastings at 8pm on the first Friday of the month, and sample between 8 and 14 wines; there are spittoons for those who don’t want to take too much alcohol aboard. We tend not to have outside speakers except on special occasions. The wines we try range from the affordable to the almost unobtainable – you can see what we’ve had on our Tastings and Archive pages. Part way through we try a selection of cheese from Northampton’s fabulous St Giles Cheese, runner-up “Best New Cheese Retailer” in the 2011 British Cheese Awards, accompanied by some good bread, usually from local artisan bakeries The Good Loaf or the Magee Street Bakery. The evening normally finishes around 10pm.

Who are we?

NWS was founded in the mid 1990s by the late Peter Watkins, a local wine merchant, and subsequently run for some years by Greg Shaw. When Greg indicated his wish to give up in late 2009, a number of members were determined to continue and we have run it since early 2010. We are not a commercial organisation and we do not sell wine.

Is it just the neighbours?

While some of our members are lucky enough to live within walking distance of where we meet, some travel between 10 and 20 miles to be with us. This is not just because we are a good crowd (though we are of course), but because for a small society, we punch well above our weight in terms of quality and value.

What does it cost?

There is no annual subscription: we aim for £20 but the usual charge has crept up to £25 a person per tasting, though it can be more or less depending on the theme and the cost of the wines; the usual range is between about £15 and £30 but we do tell you first! We are non profit–making and we aim simply to cover the running costs. As most of the mature wines we try were bought some years ago, and would be very much more expensive if bought now, the value for money is pretty good.

Will it be too highbrow?

You don’t need any specialist knowledge of wine appreciation to come along, just an interest in wine and a willingness to explore.

When is the next one?

Have a look at our current programme of tastings, or at our archive to see what we’ve had.

Are there any vacancies?

If you are interested in joining, drop us a line telling us about yourself and your wine tasting interests and if a place comes up at a tasting we’ll try to squeeze you in to see how we get on.

What don’t we do?

We are not in the winemaking, hospitality or entertainment businesses, we just want to share our passion with like-minded people. These are some enquiries we have had over the years where we have had to tell people to look elsewhere.