Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to come along to see what we’re like, you can contact us at or speak to for more details. But as previously mentioned, as of January 2017 we really are getting to the point where we have enough members and prospective members to fill all our seats each time, so we don’t know if and when we may be accepting new people. If you are interested in joining, drop us a line telling us about yourself and your wine tasting interests and if a place comes up at a tasting we’ll try to squeeze you in.


Privacy Policy

If you contact us about joining, we will obviously make a note of your name and the email address and/or phone number you give us so we can contact you back and let you know about tastings at which we have room.  If you become a member, we’ll obviously keep the contact info you give us for as long as you are active and want to hear from us.

Our usual means of communication is by email, though a phone number is useful to have if, for example, you are on the waiting list for a tasting and a place comes up at short notice, but it is up to you whether you give it to us or not.

If you become involved in the planning of tastings you may give us additional information about wines can supply; such information is deleted within a few weeks of the tasting taking place except that we may keep the details of what wines cost and who provided them for as long as we feel we need to keep the accounts. 

We keep all your details confidential ­ which means they’re password protected, and we don’t sell or pass on any of your details to any other people or organisations, or try to sell you anything except a place at one of our tastings. 

We will of course delete your contact details and remove you from future mailings if you ask us to and if your details change just tell us.

If you fail to acknowledge/reply to invitations to tastings without having warned us you'll be away, we may conclude after a certain period of silence that you have lost interest and no longer wish to hear from us, in which case we will take you off the mailing list; we’ll usually tell you before we do this though.  How long this period is depends on how long you have been a member and how active you have been; for prospective members who do not reply to our messages the period is quite short. 

The names (but no other details) of those attending tastings are kept for a reasonable time for our accounting purposes and certain cases we may take people’s attendance records into account so as to give priority to regular attendees.

As we are not a commercial organisation we do not knowingly use cookies on our website because we feel we have no need for them.